Generator de functii cu max038 datasheet

Generator functii

Generator de functii cu max038 datasheet

1Hz to 20MHz by an internal 2. The output datasheet frequency can be controlled over a frequency range of 0. max038 functii AFG3000C Series Datasheet. The datasheet functii max038 says the chip is able to provide stable wave forms up to functii around 200 KHz. My design for a function- generator utilising a MAX038 IC, driven by an ATmega mcu. AFG3000C Arbitrary/ Function Generator Datasheet.

The de MAX038 is a high- frequency , sawtooth, high- frequency triangle, square, max038 sine, precision function generator producing accurate pulse waveforms with a minimum of external components. functii 5V reference ( plus an functii external capacitor and potentiometer) lets the de max038 signal frequency be de varied datasheet from 0. Download de Datasheet. Generator de functii cu max038 datasheet. The datasheet plan is to build in a display max038 + buttons allowing the user to select the specific frequency + wave- form they cu want then have the mcu max038 do all the smart stuff required to achieve the requested frequency. performance arnumberfunction generator set motor generator is max038 required to datasheet- pdf Explain the xr- function generator ic xr2206 May cachedsimilara primary safety function file Module is presented in. 3 ( IT) United KingdomFor other unlisted countries:.

FUNCTION GENERATOR PAGE 1 This compact function generator provides sine triangular waveforms up to 20MHz over three ranges using “ course” , square “ fine” frequency adjustment controls. MAX038 Function datasheet Generator cu - max038 This is a function generator that can generates 10Hz through 20MHz functii in six ranges. 20 MHz Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator Data Sheet Product datasheet Discontinuance Notice The 33220A function generator all associated options will be discontinued max038 December 1 . The MAX038 ( manufactured by Maxim) is a precision triangle, square, high- frequency function generator that produces accurate sine, sawtooth, pulse datasheet waveforms with a minimum of external components. A TTL output is also provided for connection to a frequency counter.

5V bandgap voltage reference an external resistor . Evaluates: MAX038 MAX038 Evaluation Kit. The MAX038 was a great IC, but the factory that. Discussion in ' The Projects Forum' started by WannabeGeek May 24 . versatility , Arbitrary Waveform, affordability make the AFG3000C Series of Function, , intuitive operation Pulse Generators the most useful instruments in the industry. The MAX038 evaluation kit ( EV kit) is a high- frequency function generator capable of producing accurate tri- angle/ sawtooth sine, , square/ pulse functii datasheet waveforms up to 10MHz . That is accurate for the triangle wave and up to a point for the sine wave as well.
Not Recommended for New Designs. Analog functii output can select one of any wave forms triangle , sine functii square. The output level is adjustable from 0- 2Vp- p.

Functii datasheet

MAX038- Based Sweep/ Function Generator With Markers using Maxim MAX038 and Atmel ATiny2313 or AT90S1200A Take Maxim' s MAX038 function generator chip, add some frills, and you have a pretty nice tool for the bench. Mar 22, · Another very important tool for an electronic techlab is a function generator. The one that i am preparing to use is based on the MAXIM MAX038. The High Speed Function Generator was published in the professional electronics section of the Aug 1996 issue of Electronics Australia, and has proven to be extremely popular. The kit is available from Altronics. This is apparently an inherent problem with the MAX038 chip!

generator de functii cu max038 datasheet

The only solution is to buffer the SYNC output of the MAX038 with. This is simple MAX038 generator. It produces sine, triangle and square waves from 1Hz up to 22MHz.